Swiss federal popular initiative “Yes to the ban on animal and human experiments – Yes to research approaches with impulses for safety and progress”

The Swiss Federal Constitution[1] is changed as follows:

Article 80 paras. 2 letter b, 3 and 4

2 It [the Swiss Confederation] regulates, in particular:

  1. Repealed

 3 Experiments on animals and humans are prohibited. Experiments on animals are considered animal cruelty through to criminal offences. This and all subsequent items apply, mutatis mutandis, both to animal and human experiments:

  1. First-time application is permitted only if it is in the broad and overriding interest of those concerned (both animals and humans); in addition, the first-time application must be promising and be performed in a controlled and careful manner.
  2. After the ban on animal experiments has entered into force, the trade in and the import and export of products of all sectors and types are prohibited if any animal experiments continue to be performed for them directly or indirectly; previous products are excluded from the ban, provided no more animal experiments are performed for them directly or indirectly.
  3. Safety for humans, animals and the environment must be guaranteed at all times; in case of new developments or new imports, should there be no officially recognised non-animal testing methods in place, it will be prohibited to bring these products into circulation or to introduce and release them into the environment.
  4. It must be guaranteed that alternative non-animal testing approaches be granted at least the same state support as previously animal experiments.

 4 The Cantons are in charge of enforcing these provisions, unless the law reserves this for the Confederation.

 Article 118b paras. 2 letter c and 3

 2 Concerning research in biology and medicine involving persons, it [the Swiss Confederation] observes the following principles:

  1. Repealed

3 Research projects must meet the requirements of Article 80 paragraph 3 letter a.

Article 197 number 12[2]

 Transitional provision to Article 80 paras. 2 letter b, 3 and 4, and Article 118b paras. 2 letter c and 3 (Ban on Animal and Human Experiments)

Until the legal provisions have entered into force, the Swiss Federal Council will issue the relevant implementing provisions of Article 80 paragraphs 2 letter b, 3 and 4, and Article 118b paragraphs 2 letter c and 3 within two years after their adoption by the People and the Cantons.

 [1]      SR [Systematic Compilation of Swiss Federal Legislation] 101

[2]      The final number of this transitional provision will be determined by the Swiss Federal Chancellery after the referendum.